Eros Myth EU is one the four main Aerosmith Tribute bands in Europe. Never changed the original pitch of a single song to suit the vocals and always concentrated on the show for the people to enjoy their time the most.

       The team consists of 13 people of which the 9 are performing on stage. The pitch is to get to the highest possible point of performance, thus to let the audience have most out of the experience. There is also a dressing unit preparing costumes for the lead singer, since Steven Tyler has always been extraordinary in clothing and people love to digest the performance with the sight as well as the sense of hearing. There are gorgeous copies of Steven's wordrobe coming up and as it seem will never stop groing in numbers and variety.

        To see and hear it yourself is worth thousand words, the section of videos is there for you exactly for this purpose, so you can taste the band. It will be updated with videos as they come around. Of course it is not the feel of the life performance, but you can get the idea...

Enjoy the soul of Boston in Europe!